Contract and Temp Security Staff

Temporary & Contract Recruitment Services

The availability of a flexible workforce is essential to most businesses, at Momentum we can provide both temporary and contract staff for your business. These can cover for specific projects, or to cover increased workload or simply to provide additional staffing where no permanent head count is permitted.

Temporary Staff

A very cost effective way of getting additional staff in to your business. The temporary person will be employed by Momentum on a PAYE basis and be working for you the client. Momentum will take care of the payroll issues and the temp will complete a timesheet each week and we agree the charge and pay rates from the outset.

Interim Contractors

The interim contractor sector has seen massive growth over the last few years and it is an ideal way for your business to employ specialist staff for specific projects. Usually the interim will run their own consultancy business and work for the client via Momentum, and Momentum will take care of the payroll for the contractor and the contractor will submit and invoice and timesheet to us, with pre-agreed pay and charge rates.

Fixed Term Contract

Another excellent alternative to a permanent hire, we can supply personnel to you on a fixed term contract where the contractor will be taken on to do a specific role and they will become an employee of your business for that fixed period. The contractor will be on your company payroll.

What is the best option for your business?

At Momentum we can offer you the best advice on the right non-permanent hiring solution, some things to consider when looking at the best option available are: 

·         Availability of the required skills in the market place

·         Budget

·         Urgency of the work

·         Scope/length of assignment

·         Long-term aims of the position

Please contact us to discuss your specific temporary or contract recruitment needs